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Tele-psychiatry/Telemedicine is the delivery of psychiatric and psychotherapeutic services using interactive audio and visual (video) electronic systems where the physician and the patient are not in the same physical location.  The interactive electronic systems used incorporate network and support security protocols that protect the confidentiality of patient information as well as audio and visual data. 

Potential Benefits:

  • Convenience for patients

  • Increase accessibility to psychiatric care for individuals who otherwise are unable to see a provider face-to-face.


      Requirements and Process:

  •  You will need a desktop computer, laptop computer, ipad (tablet) or smartphone with access to a webcam with microphone and speaker with an Internet connection with at least 750 kb/s download and upload speeds. If you will be using a smartphone, make sure you have a tripod or another way to hold your phone, as your hand may get tired from holding the phone during the session.  This also will ensure the clarity of the image.

  • Many people choose to use a computer to connect for the video call but have their phones available as back up. 

  • Use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. 

  •  If there are technical issues during our appointment, we may use chat, email or phone to discuss rescheduling your appointment. We will not discuss clinical issues over email or chat. 

  • Before your appointment, you will receive a link reminding you of your appointment and the link to our virtual waiting room.

  • Ensure that you have a place that is private and quiet for your appointment. 

  • Ensure there is proper lighting.


  • Lack of safe and confidential space for you to use during appointment.

  • Lack of adequate safety plans/contacts. You will be requested to provide information on local emergency resources, such as someone we can contact in the event of an emergency.

  • Patients who are not residents of the States of North Carolina or Florida or who cannot be present consistently in these States for their appointments.

  • You are expected to behave in the same manner you would behave during an in-person visit. Attempts to have sessions in public spaces, while driving, with improper attire, consumption of alcohol or substance, etc., will result in termination of the session. Fees will still apply even if the session is terminated prematurely.

  • Dr. Hidalgo may decide at any time that telemedicine/telepsychiatry is not appropriate for your care. If we are not able to accommodate an in-person visit, you will be referred to another psychiatrist/provider.

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